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GLB Export

You are ready to build the first web based AR camapign but you don't know how to get the GLB format for 3D model? No problem, we have a solution ready for you. In the world of 3D modelling, several mainstream formats are available. Some of the most common 3D file formats are:

- KOLLADE and many more
Marvin XR accepts GLB because GLB is a file format used for 3D images and scenes. When you open such a file, you can view the model/scene from all angles and in detail. Like the beloved JPG format used for static images, GLB offers a perfect combination of small file size and relatively decent detail. It may not be as rich in detail as most FBX files, but is incredibly compact and contains a range of 3D assets in a single file (this is a key component for better WebAR).

This format was created in 2015 and is the younger brother of GLTF (Graphics Language Transmission Format). The difference between the two is that GLB is a binary format while GLTF is based on JSON. Additionally, GLTF files are about 33% larger and do not include some of the supporting data found in GLBs (like geometry, textures, and shaders).

Since GLB is comparatively new in the market and GLTF is widely available because of its earlier release, you may face an issue to convert a GLTF into GLB while creating an AR campaign. 

Click on View Details of an AR campaign and go to GLB Export menu.


Unzip your GLTF file within your computer, select all the files inside and then drag and drop them into the above marked area. Your GLTF will be immediately converted into GLB file and get downloaded automatically.

If .glb does not get downloaded automatically, please click on Download .glb button


If you want to convert GLB into USDZ format - click here. This is a drag and drop USDZ builder: