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Marker based AR

Do you know that the fastest way of invoking WebAR experience is to use marker-based AR. The marker looks more or less like an advanced QR or barcode. When users focus their camra to the marker, the AR experience comes up.

When a marker is found by web app camera, it's possible to show some kind of AR content on top of it, or near it. The content can be a 3D model (static/animated) or an image or a mixture of text, image and HTML components (like buttons for CTAs). Marvin XR is using world's most popular marker-based web AR backbone - A-Frame.

There is another important factor of marker-based Augmented Reality. The marker-based AR experience is tied to the marker. This means that the placement of digital elements depends on the location of the marker. In most cases, the experience will display on top of the marker and move along with the marker as it is turned or rotated.

Use Cases
: Augmented Art, learning (Augmented books), Augmented flyers, advertising etc. to bring the best AR experience for users.