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Web augmented reality campaign insight help you to track your AR campain to the micro level. This is important to keep a progressive overview of your campaign performance and perhaps improve the campaign from time to time or experiment to see the uplift of user engagement graph in the long term.

Daily user view history can provide valuable insights into the interests and behaviors of your leads, which can help you improve your marketing campaigns and increase the chances of deal closure. Here are a few ways to use daily user view history to improve your marketing campaign: 

1.     Segment your audience: Use data on daily view history to segment your audience and create targeted campaigns. By grouping your leads based on their interests or behaviors, you can create messaging that is more relevant and effective.

2.     Create retargeting campaigns: Use data on daily view history to create retargeting campaigns that reach leads who have already shown an interest in your products or services. By targeting leads who have visited your website or viewed specific pages, you can create campaigns that are more likely to lead to a sale.

3.     Analyze trends: Use data on daily view history to analyze trends in your leads' behavior. By understanding what pages or products are most popular, you can create campaigns that are more likely to resonate with your audience.

Total Unique Visitors

A viewer can open an AR experience many times due to its novel and wow effect. But if the user is using same smartphone, opening an AR campaign multiple times will not count the user as multiple persons. It will still be considered as a unique user. Thus the total unique visitor will show your campaign's maximum reach within its lifetime.

Total Campaign Views

As a society, we still widely rely on word of mouth to decide on any kind of purchase. WebAR campaign can manifest it to manyfold with its unique user experience associated. Often, upon discovering, users are keen to show the experience to their friends and family. As a result, one user can view a campaign multiple times. We capture the total campaign views too.


Campaign Loading Time

WebAR campaign's success depends on its agility and speed to get loaded faster in users' smartphone. Too much HTML components associated can overkill a campaign. The rule of success is to keep things simple. Your campaign loading time is a valuable metric to measure the performance benchmark under ideal conditions. 



AR View Timeline

Your campain lifetime performance index is enlisted within this segment. The daily user engagement will highlight the performance from day to day. If you want to analzye a specific timeline, just drag the above bar to increase or decrease the span of your search time period. This way, if you are running an AR campaign for a longer period of time (typical with ecommerce related SKUs), getting back to past and analyzing certain phases could always be useful for business insight.