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Keep your AR campaign healthy and effective with the help of Settings menu.

Let's see what are some key features packed inside:
Perhaps for some unforeseen reason you need to postpone your AR campaign for a brief period. Of course, you do not want to delete the campaign immediately for which you have worked maybe days or weeks. Shutdown the campaign, without deleting it forever. Thus you can save your precious work for the future.

Start your AR campaign which was previously shutdown. Sometimes, due to high volume access, if your campaign seems a little slow from performance perspective, restarting is a good option.

Delete AR

You are done with your AR campaign. There is no need to keep it there. Delete it for good.

Once a campaign is deleted, it cannot be recovered again. All data associated will be gone too.


Share AR campaign on Social Media

One of the key metrics for a WebAR camapign success is to bring it towards as many as possible audience segments. Social media channels are great to share your work to the world. Share the campaigns directly to all major social media at once.