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WebAR (or Web-based augmented reality) is a digital technology that allows you to easily share AR experiences right over the internet, without using any apps. As there is no need for app download, users can enjoy the immersive and unique experience of AR on-demand, on most operating systems (Android, iOS and Windows), mobile devices, and all latest web browsers (Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, DuckDuckGo, Opera Mini and many others).

Simply send your users to a specific web URL, and bingo. They’re immediately interfacing with your latest digital creation from the web view. With this technology, you can bring a product label to life (even if it’s in print) or add a fully interactive product demo right on the back of your business card or bring a virtual object placed near you.

The technology of WebAR offers a promising approach for the cross-platform, lightweight, and pervasive service provisioning of Mobile AR. In practice, you open a web-link while it accesses your mobile's camera (with your permission, of course), and the browser overlays the AR content immediately as it would through an AR app. Marvin XR allows you to create such beautiful experiences within minutes, using no-code solution.

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