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Image-based AR

When an image is found by web app camera, AR content(s) appear on top of it or near it. The content can be a 3D model (static/animated), video, image gallery or even interactive buttons. If you are looking for a customized image-based AR web app, our team can help you to achive it. This is based on a combination of Three.js, A-Frame and Mind AR.

The engagement and entertainment rate are quite high for image-based Augmented Reality. Image-based AR experience is tied to your custom image. This means that you can use the target image in real world (banner, ad, leaflet, magazine etc.) or digital world (Facebook ads, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, TikTok or anywhere). The AR experience will be displayed on top of the image and move along with the image as it moves around.


Use Cases: Product marketing, gamification experience, entertainment, augmented art, business card, ed-tech sector (books), magazine ads, flyers, any form of printed advertising etc. to bring the best AR experience for users. Imagination is the limit for image based AR. 


Compatibility: It works on any phone with webgl and webrtc.

Benefit of Marvin XR image-based AR is that it is supported in wide variety of mobiles - including all types of brands and smartphone variations. This easily runs in older smartphones too.