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Power Tools


Power Up Your 3D & AR Game

You want to step up with 3D ecommerce business and signed up to Marvin XR to produce awesome WebAR based virtual try-ons. But you need so many products to turn into 3D models and you don't know where to begin with. We understand your challenges and the new Power Tool section has introduced a bunch of tools and platforms to solve your problems.

Sketchfab: It's the biggest online marketplace with more than 5 million 3D models available. You can download them for free, buy exclusive models or contact 3D artists to build custom ones. 

Blender: It's a free and open-source 3D software, widey used for creating and editing 3D models, adding animation, effects and many more. Blender is evolving for last 30 years. A great tool for you if you buy general 3D models and then want to customize them quickly. Remember: Marvin XR has similar online 3D editor too.

Luma AI: Do you want to scan real life objects and build quick 3D library. Then Luma AI is for you. It's a cutting-edge artificial intelligence software enabling the creation of realistic 3D images, videos, and game assets using an iPhone. Export the 3D assets and then import them into Marvin XR.

Turbosquid: It's another online marketplace like Sketchfab which sells stock 3D models used in 3D graphics to a variety of industries, including computer games, architecture, and interactive training. You can also opt for buying 3D assets from here.

Canva: The fastest way to launch and test WebAR to a large audience is to use One Page websites. You can simply embed AR campaigns as iFrames there. Canva can help you to quickly create One Page websites easily along with necessary graphics and presentations. 

Qlone: It's a 3D scanning app, like Luma AI, based on photogrammetry for creation of 3D models on mobile devices. The resultant 3D models can be exported for external use. You can export 3D models in GLB and USDZ formats too. An easy to build 3D assets and import in Marvin XR.


Additional Tip

Marvin XR provides a combination of all the services including

  1. 3D Modeling Service: Based on 2-6 images of a product, our 3D artists can build 3D assets quite fast combining a hybrid system of AI & manual process of fine tuning. We don't need any object scanning or similar photogrammetry process to build 3D assets. For best prices, please contact support.

  2. WebAR Builder: This is the Marvin XR DIY platform. You can manage your entire business 3D portfolio from a single place. Choose the right plan and expand your business faster than ever. 

  3. 3D Configurator: 3D visualization with 3D product configurator can increase the chance of user engagement and online sales by manyfold. We can provide the best in class 3D configurator for your business. Contact us for a quote.